12 Things I Regret Not Seeing In Morocco

    It was exactly a year ago today then I was hustling through the Souks in Marrakesh and exploring the Moroccan city. Every day I see, picture of people exploring Marrakesh, which has made me want to go back and explore more. Here’s what I regret not seeing/doing but I am 100% heading back and completing my list.

    #1 Stay in a Riad
    A Riad is a traditional Moroccan house centred on a courtyard. I have seen all the social media influencers stay in this Riad, and as popular as its become that it kind of puts me off going but it looks so darn beautiful.

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    Guide to Alternative Summer Festivals 2018

    I love a festival. Whether that be music, food or drink. I first went to a music fesival when I was quite young (legal to drink…I THINK) and I went to Reading Festival. It was back when the line-up didn’t get announced until the very moment the tickets got released and tickets were like gold dust. I didn’t shower for 4 days, did my business is a porta loo and drank until I was dehydrated and from there I caught the festival bug.

    Every year I say I’m going to attend all the festivals and have an amazing time and every year I only attend at least 1 place on my list. Read more


    A day at Dyffryn Gardens, Cardiff

    Although I have always have a serious urge to travel, these
    past few weeks I have been itching to get away and to also get some
    inspirations and content for you guys!

    So last Sunday (it was supposed to have been Saturday, but
    gin happened the night before) I went a on a solo mini adventure to Dyffryn

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    How To Book a Gals/Group Holiday.

    This doesn’t just have to be a gals holiday, it can be
    applied to booking any other adventure but I came across these little tips and
    tricks whilst booking a holiday with my friends.
    The main things you need to think about when booking a
    holiday with a group of people are these factors;

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    17 Things You Need to Know Before Visitng Cardiff.

    We are not English – We may speak the English language here
    in South Wales, but we are not English. Whenever I travel abroad, and I say I’m
    from Wales, people always think it’s part of England. It’s not.
    Match Days – If you a rugby fan, then Match Days are for
    you. Cardiff is the host for six nations, Heineken cup & world cup. But if
    you don’t like big crowds, rowdy people then stay well away from the town

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    The Note by Zöe Folbigg

    The Note Zoe Folgigg Review
    (photo credit : Africaanahbookblog)

    I didn’t know that The Note was a true story about the
    author Zoe Folbigg until after I read this book, and began doing a little research
    for this review. I’m not sure if that would have made me think any different of this
    book, but it does put a smile on my face, and also peaked my interest so I stalked her a little.

    The Note, is a very well written story about a woman named Maya
    who works in fashion and falls in love with a guy she sees on the train, ‘Train

    After the first time she saw Train Man, he become a regular
    every morning commuter and she fell in love. Don’t get me wrong, it seems a bit
    irrational to fall in love with someone you don’t know and this threw me a little.
    Not only is this book about romance, and it’s also uplifting
    and inspirational. Throughout the book you learn about Maya’s job and her
    personal life. You follow her through her journey of making massive life
    changes and going through bereavement.
    I managed to read The Note in a few days, so if you’re after
    an easy read to pass the time. Then I would definitely recommend.
    Want to know whether Maya had the courage to speak to Train
    Man and how the story ends? Then buy it here for as little as £5.59 & free shipping.
    Have you read The Note, if so what did you think?
    ♡ 🌍