Models Own: Top Turquoise
    Barry M: Berry
    WAH Nails x Models Own: Nail Art Pen

    1. I’m suppose to be doing university work, but i decided to paint my nail. When models own had their ‘50%’ offer when they had so many likes on their facebook page, i took full advantage and splurged on 10 nails polishes (some of them here). Today i decided to do the range of colours with a leopard print esk pattern! Got my inspiration from sweetmonday. Check her blog out!

    2. So because I have been feeling like shit/fed up for the past few days i decided to go shopping with my ma’ to make me feel better. Bought i few lovely things, including leather PU pants which i have been searching for a non expensive pair for ages and i did! i may do a post on them soon 🙂 I also bought some lovely jewelry! 

    3. Now to crack on with my university work, a lovely friday night in with sweets, chocolate and big  brother!


    Agent Provocateur & Juicy Couture

    1. So this weekend it was my turn to go up to visit my boyfriends’, on Sunday we decided to do a spot of light shopping (hmm). We went to Bicester, i have never been there before but woah it was amazing. Wanted to come home with a Mulberry but i’m going to get myself one next time! So i bought myself a lovely set from Agent Provocateur which i will keep to myself and then i bought myself a lovely keyring from Juicy Couture, its like a little ball with the diamond detail.
    2. This week i need to get my university projects underway and get some designs flowing. So my projects at the moment are to finish my summer brief (already have), to get some ideas and designs for my own identity – i have to design not just a ‘logo’ but to build my own brand, present who i am to people and what i do. Got some really cool ideas which include business cards, booklets to give to clients and a ‘little box of goodies’, and i have also got to write a short summary of what my critical paper is going to be about. Really excited about getting my final year in gear!

    3. Last but not least i think i’m going to quit my job (eeekkkk)


    lazy Oafs’ 10th Birthday Limited Addition Collection

    So Lazy Oaf had a birthday celebration last night in london!
    here are some of the limited edition collection they are bringing out for the anniversary

    Burger Sweatshirt (yes they have brought it back!!)
    Burger Hat (couldn’t bring the sweatshirt back without the hat!)
    French Fries Tote Bag
    Yes Way No Way Reversible T shirt
    The Red Miniskirt
    The Rainbow Neclace
    The Pizza Face T Shirt
    I Like This Print
    Only a limited 10 a4 prints are available, and will be signed by Gemma Shiel
    Stuck On You Anniversary Pack