aztec dreams

shirt: motel
bodycon: handm
trainers: vans authentics
watch: casio
earrings: urban outfitters

So today i was support to be going to university but the weather was so bad that i didn’t want to leave the house. When i woke up  it was snowing, then it started to rain and was so windy that i thought the roof on my house was going to get blown off, and then hail stones so i thought hell no.
Im sorry about the lighting, its like we don’t have much daylight these days and when we do its just still so dark! I love winter but its soooo gloomy.
Finally I’ve broken up for the xmas period, which means i have 4 weeks to get everything designed, printed and put in my portfolio, and get my dissertation up to scratch so i can submit it and get it out of the way.

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