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Body Collection / Crystal Suede

Body Collection Crystal Suede in Champagne: Bodycare (Β£2.99)

Body Collection Crystal Suede Collection. Now I’ve seen the body collection nail varnishes in my local Bodycare but i have never picked any up until i saw this collection. To be honest what attracted me to them was the design of the bottles, so similar to the O.P.I and the same size 15ml.

They are so glittery but got that matte finish which is amazing. You can wear the polish on its own with a few coats or as a top coat over another colour and they are so perrrrrrfect for this season! I also picked up Little Black Dress, so tempted to go and get the other 4 colours they have too!

I love the ‘ring finger’ in a different design/colour. So today i decided i would put an emerald green jewel i found whilst cleaning out all my university bits and bobs. Its not a nail jewel or anything but i just stuck it down with some nail glue. I think it looks super cute. and I’m going apologise for my index finger, my nail snapped pretty low in work and its just taking forever to grow back and to be honest looks stupid!! πŸ™

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