keeping it movin’

jacket: urban outfitters
top: seven (bristol)
leggings: american apparel
trainers: air max 90s infrareds

So today i woke up and there was so much snow. I am massive fan of winter and waking up to this was amazing but i ended up doing nothing today but attempting to clean my room but that didn’t go really well.

Yesterday i went to London with my mum to do some christmas shopping, and it was absolutely rammed. I knew it would be but i couldn’t believe it. But what i couldn’t believe was how many rude people there are, an excuse me or thank you would be really nice. We went to the natural history museum first as my mum had never been there so i really wanted to take her and i had forgot how amazing it was. We then decided to tackle covent garden as i wanted to go to Rokit and the Urban Outfitters there is way better then the one on oxford street, then we finally decided to hit oxford street for Selfridges and Primark. My mum bought me some lovely things for christmas which i am super excited about. It was a really long day and so much walking so when i finally got home i went straight to sleep.

Im working the whole weekend as its the weekend before christmas and I’m expecting it to be pretty busy, there might not be much blogging happening but I’m going to try and get some post scheduled so I’m not that absent.

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