Beauty Box

I already knew what was in this months Beauty Box as i was nosey as saw some bloggers posts already. Now i honestly am quite pleased with it, it contained root boost, nail varnish, skin care, lip care and perfume which i love! 

First of all what i attracted to first was the Bead Head Sugar Dust. You can use it as a sort of ‘dry shampoo’ as it absorbs oil but its mail a root booster, the substance is invisible well not completely but its very clever and so fine. Im really excited to try this product.
Nails inc. polish, its called oxford circus which i thought was really cool, but its not really my colour but i will give it a try maybe with my ring finger in this colour with Models Own juicy jules, we shall see.
The mandragore perfume is really not for me, not a massive fan on the smell its quite musky and i just love fruity smells, but its a good size tester.
Figs and Rouge like balm, now i was excited this was in the box as i had seen them in urban outfitters and i have seem some people on youtube say how good/nice they are, and to be honest i was disappointed. Well not disappointed but i just do not like the smell or the taste of this, I’m really fussy when it comes to lips balms and what not as i know you don’t eat it but you still have that little taste when you lick your lips or something.
Finally the clarisonic hydro cleanser, I really needed a new one so i was glad when i saw this, i have heard good reviews but as i have funny skin i will have to test it first so keep a look out for a review on this.

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