My week in pictures #2

On thursday me and my mum went to london for the day. We got the bus up ridiculously early but was stuck in traffic for ages, but when we finally got there the weather was surprisingly good, not too cold and no rain!

We first went to the Natural History Museum, as my mum had never been before bought some lovely souvenirs, we battled through leicester square and oxford street, it was so busy! 

So this weekend me and my boyfriend had an early christmas (but i had to work all weekend so that sucked) because we aint going to see each other now until new years eve. He spoilt me rotten and he’s amazing. He said he would buy me a pug and he did (a cuddly toy) but i love him! haha He also bought me some MAC brushes and lipsticks and other bits and bobs, and then finally he bought me a Viv West purse, ahhhh! i love it, i shall put it in a blog post soon.

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