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(sorry the shampoo & conditioner are use)

So back 2 years ago i decided to ‘ombre’ my hair and to be honest it completely frazzled it. I had dry/split end hair anyway and i couldn’t even get a brush through it without loads of hair falling out. I dyed it all back dark and give up with the ‘ombre’. I decided to use lee stafford not so long ago after i read in a magazine (more i think) that the hair growth treatment was really good. When i went and got it, all the lee stafford products were on a 3 for 2 offer, so decided to try the shampoo and conditioner to go with (as it says on the back of the treatment to use them, as per).

I am not going to lie, IT IS THE BEST HAIR SHAMPOO, CONDITONERS AND TREATMENT I HAVE EVER USED. My hair was in such lovely condition, and had grown about 3 inches in 2 months (which i thought/still think is impossible).
To be honest, every time i wash my hair i use the treatment its says to use regular until hair has improved but i still use it on every wash because i find the conditioner on its own is not that good, like it doesn’t condition my hair as well as i hoped but i slap a bit of the treatment on the ends and throughout the roots.
The other day i decided to try some other products so i went to the blow dry spray because lately my hair has become SO notty and like dreads underneath and this helps detangle and smells amazing! i also got the heat spray which i have only use ones but my hair was so soft after i straightened it i was amazed! AND THE DRY SHAMPOO now i swear by the tresemme dry shampoo because its not harsh on my hair as with the baptise ones leave it really notty and just looking horrible. But after i tried this i will not be going back, they so the dark version, PERFECT its not heavy on my hair PERFECT and smells amazing PERFECT.
Overall i swear by lee stafford products, if you have dry ends or prone to split ends then you need to try these products serious can not hype anymore!

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