Vivienne Westwood

For christmas my lovely boyfriend got me this amazing gift, i already had chanel purse but it was so old and battered that he got me a new one. Was so shocked when i got it as i did mention that i wanted a new one and when i saw this i immediately wanted it but i just couldn’t justify the price. He also got some other bits and bobs which i appreciate so much that he actually listens and knows what i like. My christmas was pretty good this year, mum was working so we didn’t do much and for my new years i stayed in and invited the best to come round after work, catch up have some drink and watch jools holland!

First blogpost of 2012, I’m sorry I’m lacking on the outfit posts recently, its just with this weather and working i never get to see daylight but there will be a christmas day, boxing day and new years outfit posts coming soon. Happy New Year guys!

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