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Beauty Essentials

Soap & Glory, i am a serious addict. I have really sensitive skin and can’t really use anything on it, even if i wash my face with just water its drys me out and then no moisturiser will work on me, or just bring me out. NIGHTMARE! anyway back last year (i mean 2010 christmas, still haven’t got to terms with a new year) my mum bought me some of their products, and i became obsessed. I can actually use them on my skin yay! Food and Hand Genius is exactly what it say don the tube, brilliant i have really bad skin on my feet from wearing flats for long periods and its never been smoother and I’m already obsessed with hand cream anyway as i fork in a place i think i need to wash my hands regular.

Face soap clarity and scrub your nose in it, is amazing!!! seriously, I’m prone to bad pore on my nose and break out quite a lot on my chin and when i first used this the skin on my chin was really bad and it cleared it in days, now i know its now used for that but it was amazing, it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean. It can get a little tight if you don’t moisturise your face after use (as i found out when i forgot and was in a hurry) but its amazing. The scrub your nose in it has a minty smell and a toothpaste like substance and i didn’t think i was gonna like it but i put it on, used the scrub let i had from the Loreal exfoliating scrub and it worked wonder, so smooth and fewer pores!

Other beauty essentials that I’m addicted to at the moment are, the lee stafford dry shampoo review here if you haven’t had a read, sally hansen nail polish remover for brittle nails. My nails grow lovely and long and then one snapped in work, and then the other and then some just kept flaking (if that makes sense) so i just cut them to start again but now they don’t seem to want to grow at all! so when i have been getting of nail polish i have been using this just to keep them strong.

MAC studio sculpt. Now i only picked this up when i went to my boyfriends, as they have the MAC cosmetic company outlet there.I used to have it before but in a darker shade which didn’t match my skin tone hence why i stopped using it, so i bought it in my skin tone and i have fallen back in love with it. I don’t think its full coverage but to me it does but its so light on my skin which i perfect! i found the other MAC foundations are quite heavy and cakey, but the other foundation that I’m also using t the moment is MAC mineralise skin finish which is AH MAZ ING, seriously get it!  because its not a fluid i find its better on my skin, and applies a lot easier!

Then the honey trap lip balm from lush. i raved about this product on instagram (amyclements) i love it, doesn’t taste horrible, doesn’t smell horrible and last a long time. definitely worth picking up!

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