shirt: urban outfitters
crop top: topshop
jeans: topshop
trainers: air max 90 infrared

Behind on outfit posts but oh well, wore this mid week. Wore the shirt has it saw me through 2 summers and I’m praying the sun will come soon. Strange but i hate wearing my infrareds unless its a good day because the front on the one shoe is scuffed to hell but i thought i would chance it haha!

Sorry for the lack of posting this weekend, i was up my boyfriends and my scheduled posts didn’t post (typical) so there will be a sundays wish list coming up next! A couple of things that was actually on the list i got yesterday, but you can see that soon! I may do a haul, hmmm?

Not got much planned for this week, but in uni now and work as per usual even though i may have to hand my notice in. So much uni work and having to be in uni for every lecture and doing 16 hours a week is exhausting.

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