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Dutty Girl

tshirt – dutty
disco pants – american apparel 
trainers – vans

Today i decided to cut my own fringe, i was waiting for my friend to do it but i got so fed up and bored that i did it myself, it looks ok just needs tidying up. Im pretty sure its getting colder, its -3 again right now and its nearly 10am so bizarre and i never learn and never put enough layers on or an appropriate coat. I did promise reviews yesterday but as i was in uni till like 6pm when i got home i fell asleep and only woke up for Geordie Shore which by the way was amazing! 

Today i have work, pretty bummed it didn’t snow so i didn’t have to go in again. Its come to that point where i seriously can’t not be bothered at all. anyone got a part time job going?!

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