playsuit – blue rinse
leather jacket – topshop
necklace – topshop

After yesterdays weather it has gotten me so excited for summer (even though it wasn’t even that hot yesterday haha) think I’m going to have to stock up on some playsuits as they are so easy to just chuck on! Today i have been bubble printing, i have some posters to design for Ministry of Sound so i have been getting creative but i tipped food colour all over the carpet and now there is a massive orange stain on a cream carpet (mumma is gonna be pissed :/)
Its been my first day off all week from uni and work and of course i get a phone call from work telling me i have to come in next week for a work meeting when i have booked the week off, somebody tell me i have the right not to go? 
So yeah as of sunday i have the week off and i can’t wait, even though i have uni work to do but i am going to london for a few days, going to prepare some posts for when i go though, maybe ill so outfit posts on what I’m going to  I am so excited to go to the new Monki store thats opened on Carnaby today!!! 

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