tshirt – can’t remember :/
shorts – vintage (reading festival)
earrings – forever 21
shoes – H&M
Not had a busy weekend, as i have not worked as i did so much overtime through the week so i got quite a lot of uni work done! but I’m feeling really BLUGJEHWFF at the moment. Coming to the end of my uni experience with so much work to do and i just feel like i don’t get any time to myself. Theres either always someone in my house (which never used to happen) or my phone is constantly going, I wish i could do a carrie bradshaw and run away to a place for a few days and get work done. Call me crazy but i need my peace. (moan moan)

I bought this Joy Division top years ago, its kinda battered but i still love it! These floral shorts were from a vintage store in Reading Festival a couple of years ago i think everything was £3 so i came away with a black bag full of stuff haha i can actually shop anywhere :/ they are silk and so light for perfect for summer 😀

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