jacket – topshop
tshirt – topshop
jeans – topshop
cuff – h&m
ring – just access via Golly Gosh
shoes – zara

I have been so busy these past few days, all work and no play. fmp is coming along nicely, i will put some stuff up soon but want to get it printed first (don’t help your breath, prices are shocking).
I have put the faux fur collar back on my coat, as the other day i was about to leave and it started snowing. i didn’t want to put a scarf/hat on as the feeling of summer would be demolished. i kinda like it with the fur on so its staying.

This ring (set of 3) it actually has stars on but i like to change it round. I’m not sure whether its an above the knuckle ring or and ordinary ring but it doesn’t seem to fit :/ (i think I’m gonna come across as a doofuss) but anyway i much prefer it like this. I hope you are all enjoying this lovely rain!

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