TOWIB & London

well it has been a long long time since my last post, and certainly a lot has happened but you will be happy to know (hopefully) that I AM BACK! my degree in Graphic Design is finished just waiting on results, and my grad show is complete so I’m FREE! but now is the hard part and trying to find a job, internship, and getting myself out there and doing some freelance but its hard!
So on saturday, my and Laura went to The Only Way Is Blogging, TOWIB and a quick scan of london (i mean shopping haha) 
To my surprise the event wasn’t that great, saw some lovely bloggers and got some business cards but then thats just my opinion!
So yes, i will be back for good starting today. Whilst i had my little uni break, my camera battery died on me and so did my tripod! I have received my new batteries and I’m just waiting on the tripod so hopefully that will be here today 😀 i have so many blogs to read/catchup on but as i am a graduate bum now i guess i have plenty of time on my hands (hint employ me hint).

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