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So it’s Easter weekend and today the sun is shining (hope I don’t jinx it)! I feel like ass today, my head is pounding and I have so much housework to do I could cry! But I’m gonna put it off and take a nice stroll down to the bay in the sun with Laura and grab some food!
My mum brought down my Easter gifts yesterday, bless her she goes all out! So I got a little spoilt even though it’s my birthday in a few weeks!
This photo was taken in h&m yesterday as I did another naughty shop, and bought things that I really don’t need and will probably return! I haven’t worn my disco pants in a while so and I never take this shirt off lately, it’s so cold and the only non shirt shirt that I have!
Tonight, it’s one of my best friends birthday, so we are all heading to revs and I still don’t have a clue what I’m wearing, it i haven’t even tanned, what’s wrong with me?! I’m getting so lazy!
Hope you’ve had a great Easter.
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