Day Off

Today is my first day off in what feels like forever. I’ve been working so much recently that I feel like I need a really really really long break after I move again!
On my way home from work yesterday I decided to take a trip to my local shop and get some treats for myself. I have been obsessed with Ben & Jerries cookie dough lately and as it is quite expensive and I’m on a budget this month I saw this for just £2!! And OMG it’s amazing, it doesn’t taste exactly the same but it’s delicious. If you’re on a good budget if deffo recommend getting this as I’ve finished it already. Eeeep haha and as always Sex and the City is on repeat again, I know I lead such an interesting life haha! 
I have 3 days in work and then it’s moving day!!! 🙂 yay!
Hope you’re all enjoying Wimbledon 😀
Amy xo

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