Things I Love About Autumn

So autumn (or fall as I have been calling it lately) is approaching fast with the cold mornings and early dark evenings. I was sat there thinking why is this my favourite time of the year?

So here goes…

1. Big fluffy cosy dressing gowns that you can drown your sorrows in.
2. HALLOWEEN. Everything to do with Halloween.
3. Boots, Jumpers, Scarves, Hats and anything warm.

4. Candles that smell like cake.
5. Cold, dark, crisp mornings.
6. Hot chocolates, with Baileys. Always Baileys.
7. Crunchy leaves of all colours.
8. Mulled anything.
9. A big chunky winter coat.
11. Not feeling guilty about not being outside.
12. Markets.
13. Hot chocolates, with Baileys. Always Baileys.
14. Bedding, I have a very large collection of tartan bedding.

Amy x

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