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Top Tips To Save Money for Travel

Although I don’t always have big adventures, saving for the little ones can be just as hard.

I was always really bad with money when growing up, even in university when I would receive a very large amount every 3 months, I would blow it things that I don’t remember and I have nothing to show for it.

Growing up, moving out, and having my own financial responsibilities I have learnt to manage how to prioritize bills and savings. Although, someone times I do slip up. (Especially in the summer months).


Have a goal /target

When it comes to saving money for travel, for me the biggest tip is knowing where you’re going/what you’re saving for. I find it so much easier saving £300 a month if I
know that it’s being spend on flights or accommodation. Create a breakdown of how much everything is going to cost you from flights to daily food budget.

Put money away & don’t touch it

I’m going to be a hypocrite here, but SOMETIMES I do dip into the savings I put away but that doesn’t mean I still don’t save. I tend to find that throughout the summer months I spend a lot more which is probably the case for everyone.

Minimise your spending

In the previous post, I mentioned that I spend a lot more in the summer months. Living in Wales, you only get around a weeks’ worth of nice weather so you kind of have to make the most of it. Spending money on alcohol, going to see that band or taking a quick trip to get some ice-cream. They all add up.

Sell stuff you don’t need/use

Ebaying my life away was my thing when I was in university. I loved it and yes I used to make a lot of money. In recent months with moving and sorting out my life, I have a lot of stuff and clothes that I don’t use/wear. I am currently using Depop, which has grown significantly within the last few years. I also did a car boot sale not so long ago, and the stupidest of things that I was just going to throw away.

Eating habits

I am pretty good at this one. I don’t eat out half as much as I used to. Ever since learning more about cooking and trying new things, I like to cook in bulk and freeze the extras for a rainy day. When it comes to work lunch, meal prep is your friend. Instagram & Pinterest are great for inspirations and recipes.

Subscriptions and memberships

Although I still have Netflix and Spotify, I split the costs with family members and have multiple accounts so the price is cheaper for everyone. Just before summer
started I cancelled my gym membership and started running which is of course,
free. Although it was only £20 a month, that £20 goes straight into my savings account on top of whatever else I put in each month. I did have magazine subscriptions and other things too which I cancelled and to be honest, I don’t miss them at all.

Move home (if you can)

If this was an option for me, I would jump at the chance. I miss living home a lot, as I don’t get to see my family that often. Although living at home was not free for me,
it would still be a lot cheaper that what I’m paying now living in the city. I also feel like parents will be very strict with you also and help you save for those things that you want. And who doesn’t love getting their washing done for them?

There are loads and loads of different tricks out there for saving money for travel. I’m still learning and I still have slips, but that’s just life.

What tips and tricks do you guys have? Anything you think I can benefit from?

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