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Packing For A Mini Sun Break

Mini breaks are a perfect way to forget your troubles at home, and explore new places. When travelling, I mainly only ever take carryon luggage, and the limited amount of liquids that the airlines allow you. Last week I went to Portugal, only taking hand luggage. Now normally this wouldn’t be a problem if it was a normal city break but as you have to take sun lotion with you as buying it out there is really expensive, hand luggage limits you with what you can take.

Packing For A Mini Sun Break



The suitcase I use is fairly new and was a birthday gift. (You know you’re getting old when you get excited about asking for a new suitcase for your birthday). The brand is…The best decision I ever made was getting a 4 wheeled suitcase. When travelling
and carrying your luggage I tend to have my phone in hand, getting directions or taking pictures. Having 4 wheels lets you carry other things a lot easier.


As I knew the weather was going to be really nice and warm, I wasn’t worried about packing many clothes and it will be too hot to wear anything fashionable. One trip I learnt from my mum is to roll my clothes, they take it up less space which yes means extra room for more or your suitcase will be less heavy. Recently I saw a Facebook video or a women rolling all her clothes and underwear, and then putting them into sandwich bags (clear bags you put your liquids in) and I was amazed. I’m travelling to Sweden in a few week and will definitely be testing out this trick.

I also tend to wear the bulkiest clothes on the plane, and carry a jacket.


I always tend to wear the shoes that take up the most room on the plane. The advantage of going on a summer trip, is that you don’t have to take heavy/bulky shoes. I wore a pair of trainers on the plane, and then I packed sandals for the evening and a pair of flip flops for the pool/beach. I always tend to take trainers with me, as I tend to go off the beaten track as they call it. But I also burn my feet every time, so I tend to keep them out of the sun.

Liquids / toiletries

For me when only taking hand luggage, organising my liquids is the hardest part. If you are struggling with what you can take, I will always check the airlines website on their rules and regulations. When traveling to Morocco, it stated that I could have 12 100ml liquids. When arriving, they would not let me through security as all 12 liquids were in 2 clear bags and I had to throw stuff away, so ALWAYS check the website. If I’m feeling lazy, I will buy the travel sized products from Boots/Superdrug which they normally have on offer, but Primark have the travel bag for £1 which comes with around 6 bottles of different sizes and shapes which is great. I know a lot of people put some of their liquid make up in the clear bags but tend not too as it takes u a lot of bag usage, but if they ask then of course I will.


When travelling to Benidorm last year, I bought a hand fan and it has literally travelled with me everywhere since. I also like to pack a book, hair accessories and some jewellery. I always pack the extra in the net zipped part so nothing gets broken or tangled up on my clothes.


I will always have a disposable camera and my instax with me. If I tend to be documenting my travels, I will also pack a tripod (I have a gorilla pod which I would highly recommend). This will always be packed in the zipped part of the suitcase also, so nothing gets damaged during transport.

Money / travel documents

When you exchange money, they always give you the little plastic pouch with your newly exchanged money in. I will also keep my passport, any GBP and anything that I want to keep safe in
that pouch. When I get back home, the pouch usually has all my Polaroid’s and other random bits in that I wanted to not get damaged/lost.

Packing For A Mini Sun Break

What went in my suitcase?


3 bodysuits
2x Stripe crop vest
Band t-shirt
Sheer t-shirt
2x pairs of denim shorts
Denim skirt
2x Dresses
Wearing – Dungarees & Band T-shirt


Flip Flops
Wearing – Vans


Body Lotion
Face Cream
Rollerball perfume
Eye Solution (contacts)
Dry Shampoo
My partner then have the SPF in his (he doesn’t take a lot).


  1. You are less likely to over pack
  2. Won’t have to pay anything extra (most airlines charge a fortune to check a bag)
  3. Easy to transport from airport to hotel.


  1. Liquids – you have a limited amount that you can take through security
  2. You have to be more selective with what you want to take.
  3. If you wanted to take more camera equipment, you are very limited with space. But if you’re anything like me, you can leave those 2 extra pairs of shorts and dresses at home.Packing For A Mini Sun Break

A little taste of Luz, Portugal will be up very soon! Keep your eyes peeled.

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