Book Club // Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

“They always call depression the blues, but I would have been happy to waken to a periwinkle outlook. Depression to me is urine yellow, washed out, exhausted miles of weak piss.”  


Sharp Objects is another of Gillian Flynns books, which as you would of seen by now I quite enjoy.
Sharp Objects is a chilling novel about a women called Camille Preaker who is a Journalist based in Chicago. In Wind Gap, Missouri a girl has been brutally murdered and another has gone missing so Camille has had to return to cover the story. You soon come to learn that Camille has had a hard life with her sister dying, her troubled mother and step sister who is an actual mean girl with a dark twist.

This book has a lot of twists and turns and had me gripped, from the very beginning.
I’ve recently read that they are turning this into a series, not sure how I feel about that but I’m quite intrigued to see how it turns out. I also read that Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson are going to play Camille and her mother, both actresses I really like!


Have you read this? What did you think? 
I have got 3 books that’s on my ‘next up’ shelf, but I’m in the mood to buy some more. If you have any recommendations, please comment below!

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