Travel // Fforest Farm, Cardigan.

The last time I went camping was for a festival
in the middle of Belgium, and I’m not sure how I survived as it was THAT cold,
so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But when we arrived and saw the place, I
completely relaxed and knew we would have the best time that weekend and my
gosh, we did.
The farm consisted
of the main Lodge which had sofas, log fire, tables and chairs, and also a
kitchen. The Lodge is where breakfast was served every morning. The breakfast
catered to many dietary requirements (vegetarian and vegan). Having being very
hungover on both mornings, having a full English breakfast was just a perfect
way to get you through the day.

Fforest Farm, Cardigan.

Next to the main lodge was a barn, which was used
for the banquet hall for the wedding, it was also used for the nibbles that was
available in the early evening. Attached to the side of the barn was the
smallest, cutest pub ever. The pub had a log fire with cute little sofas, it
felt so homely and something out of a movie. The pub was open until 2am.

Fforest Farm, Cardigan. Fforest Farm, Cardigan.

Opposite the main lodge was a tipi covered in
many, many fairy lights (a girls dreams). The tipi was where the main ceremony
took place and outside that was an area where you can sit around a fire, and
also a tea/coffee/hot chocolate station. On the first night, dinner/tea was
provided (in the tea/coffee station) which was stone baked pizzas, soup and
some glorious bread.

Now onto the accommodation. When we were invited, that was a variety of
options for where we wanted to stay.
  • Domes (sleeps 2 people or a family of 4)
  • Kata Cabins (sleeps 5 people)
  • Campshacks (sleeps up to 8 people)
  • Group Tents (sleeps up to 8 people)
  • Bell Tents (sleeps 5 people)

As there were a lot of us going, we booked a Kata
Cabin which sleeps 5 people. The Cabin, had a decking outdoor area, which some
sun chairs, and then a tent which had a seating bench, bins, BBQ and tea/coffee
facilities and then a tipi with the 5 beds and a fire in the middle. The Cabin
was lovely, and a great size for even 5 people. Although it was a little chilly
in the night if the fire went out (although alcohol helped me through the first
night). There were 4/5 cabins in a row through the field and as we were in
cabin 1 we were directed next to the shower/toilets and also a Vanity room.
Which had an iron, plug sockets which were all used to get ready in. And the
bride and groom were also very kind to supply us with lots of cocktails in a

Fforest Farm, Cardigan.
Fforest Farm, Cardigan.
Fforest Farm, Cardigan.

Altogether we paid £414 for 2
(Split 5 ways it was £82.80). For
that amount, we had 2 nights camping, food on Friday evening, Breakfast
on Saturday, (food at the wedding) and then breakfast on Sunday. Which, to me
was a bargain as the food was incredible the whole weekend.

All in all the weekend was amazing, and one that won’t
ever be forgotten.There’s even talk about going back next year in the
summer. AND I have to mention this for all dog lovers out there, there are
many, many dogs roaming around the site but mainly in the lodge so be prepared
for some cute puppas.
I made a short video of the weekend (but none of
the wedding because alcohol). So please go check it out!
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