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When travelling I tend to rely on my phone
heavily for not getting lost/planning my itinerary and there has been many
times that an app has saved me. So through my travels I have made a note of the
apps/website that I use.

My Favourite Travel Apps

Scanner (free) –
Out of all the apps
mentioned this is probably my most used one. If you have never used it before,
it basically lets you search for flights from many airline companies, so you
can see which one fits your needs and which one is the cheapest. They also have
a really good feature, which you can search anytime/anywhere. So if you’re
stuck for inspiration or on a budget. Check it out!

AirBNB (free) – After using AirBnB for
the first time a few years ago for a trip to London, I haven’t gone back to
hotels since. The freedom you get with AirBnB is very appealing and suits my
needs. I like to travel on a budget, so staying in a flat/house where there is
a kitchen, helps me budget a lot. Every time I’ve stayed in a place, I have
booked the entire place but in a few weeks, I will be staying in just a room
with the host being there too. Not sure how I feel about it, but it does tend
to be a lot cheaper, so I want to test it out.

Translate (free) –
Google Translate does not
have the best feedback. I have heard a lot of bad things, but I have heard a
lot of good things. I was in a foreign country and was having difficulty
communicating, so I researched some apps that would be good for on the go.
Google Translate lets you take a photo of what you want to translate, lets you
speak and also lets you write. Although the translation may not be accurate if
kind of gives you an understanding of what you’re looking for. I personally
like the camera option, as this is great for sign posts, menus, maps and
basically anything.

Uber (free) – If you haven’t heard of
Uber by now, have you been living under a rock? My personal experience with
Uber is a bit…meh BUT that’s because Uber in my home city Cardiff is really
expensive, because the demand is very high and there aren’t enough drivers. It
recently got rolled out here so it’s still pretty new, so hopefully things will
smooth out. Anyway, I have used Uber in London, and also in Amsterdam and they
were both great and really cheap. If you’re stuck with public transport and don’t
want to pay a fortune for a taxi, then Uber is your guy.

Tonight (free) –
Hostel tonight is great
if you’re unsure on where you’re going to be on a day to day basis. Basically
the apps finds all the hotels in your area that have rooms available for that
night at a discounted price. So if you decide to hop to another city/location
and have nowhere to stay then this app is for you.

Deliveroo (free) – I’m not sure how many
cities has the Deliveroo option, but I do know the majority of the U.K does,
Amsterdam and Spain. Deliveroo acts as a taxi service for your food, and by
that I mean you don’t ring up your local take away and get them to deliver it.
You use their app, pick from the high end restaurants like Wagamamas, KFC,
Pizza Express and many, many, many more and delivers it right to your door. It’s
great. If you’re in a city and don’t fancy going out/don’t know where you’re
going its really good. The only downside is that you have to pay by card and
not cash.

XE (free) – I use XE Currency not
just when I’m travelling but also when I’m home. Whether that be for research
for a planned adventure or buying things online from non UK stores. This app is
great for accurate and up to date conversions, more importantly it works when
you don’t have signal or on aeroplane mode.

EasyJet (free) – Although I mainly book flights through Sky Scanner, if a flight is
cheap/perfect time and the airline is EasyJet I will also ways book through the
EasyJet app. The app acts as your boarding pass, you can check in and you can purchase
your seats on there. It’s great! Sometimes I worry too much about where my
passport is, so it’s nice not having to carry around a boarding pass too.

Wriggle (free) – For me this is a new app,
and I have only used this once in Bristol. For some, you won’t be able to use
Wriggle but if you’re based in Cardiff, Bristol or Brighton then I would definitely
recommend. Unlike Deliveroo, this app acts as a kind of groupon but for
restaurants. It will have offers on there, for example 2x chai lattes & 2 x
chocolate brownies for £6.95 instead of £10.50. The offers will only be on
there for a certain amount of time (couple of hours), so you have to get in
quick and are updates regularly. What I like most about it, is that it has all
the little quirky and (sometimes) new places on there that I have never been to
or heard of.

Citymapper (free) – This is a new
one for me. I had watched a video from Raya (rayawashere) and she mentioned this
app so I downloaded it. During my recent trip to Sweden, we had just landed at
the airport and as we had been awake for many, many hours we were pretty tired,
so instead of faffing about with transport we decided to see if we could get an
uber/taxi. I love this app, it’s great for knowing how to get from A to B in any
form of transport and how much it’s going to cost. You can also book an Uber
through it (which is what I did). This app has now been moved in my ‘Travel’
folder on my phone to number 2. BUT there is a limitation on the app…it’s not
in every city. I know they have London, Brussels, Manchester, Paris, Berlin,
Milan and many more on there so check it out! If they don’t have the city your
looking for you can also vote for it, and more than likely they will add it.


Been (free) – This app is great to note down where you’ve been.
It shows you on a map basis and it also tells you how much of the world you
have seen and you can narrow it down to, World, Europe, Asia, North America,
South America, Oceania, Antarctica and Africa.

My Favourite Travel Apps
What are your favouite apps?
I’d love to discover some more!
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