Travel // 16 Things You Need to Know Before You Go to Stockholm, Sweden

1. Stockholm Arlanda airport is fancy. Fancy as in plants
everywhere, shiny shiny floors, it just puts most airports that I’ve been to,
to shame.

2. Be prepared to spend a lot of money, Stockholm is very
expensive. We bought 2 half baguettes, a bottle of coke and a bottle of water
and it came to £38. £38!!!!

3. It’s cold. Although I went at the end of the summer so I
would have thought it would be slightly chilly. No, it was freezing. As soon as
we walked out of the airport the Baltic blast hit us in the face so take warm

Things You Need to Know Before You Go to Stockholm, Sweden

4. It’s not all cashless. Before I went, I read too many blog
posts about how you don’t need to take cash because nowhere accepts cash. That is not true. Yeah, the bigger
restaurants such as Wagammas and Upper Crust, DON’T. But mostly everywhere else
did. We didn’t take much cash with us because we were advised not too (but
drama with the money we were given as it was out of date meant that we only had
around £50 in cash anyway) but we managed to pay for most things on card and go
to the cashpoint if need be. Obviously check with your bank provider to make
sure you’re aware of any charges.

5.  read before going to Sweden that alcohol is very expensive
and you can only buy it in special supermarkets called Systembolaget. And yup, that’s
right. I had one glass of wine and it cost £7.81. Yup.

6. Uber is cheap. When we arrived at the airport, we were a
little confused about how to get to our accommodation via public transport (we
had, had a long day). Having read that taxis are unregulated so can charge
whatever they want, we didn’t want to get one of those, so I checked Uber. The
journey took 1 hour and it cost us £54. Now, living in Cardiff and getting home
after a night out would cost me around £7 for a 5/10 minute journey. Madness.

7. The rumours are true. There are beautiful tall, blonde haired blue eyed girls everywhere. Also hunks. Hunks everywhere.

8. The metro / Tube was the best form of transport for us.
Although we do tend to walk everywhere, but as we were staying just outside the
centre we got the metro into where we needed to go. You could literally just
hop on and hop off anywhere, which for me is the best way to explore.

Things You Need to Know Before You Go to Stockholm, Sweden9. At the airport we were advised that we could buy a Travel
Card/pass for £15 each and that would last for 72 hours and the time would
start from the first time you use it. I would 100% recommend this card to
anyone that visits Sweden. It can be used on the Metro and buses. It was
brilliant and well worth the money.

10. You have to go to Wayne’s Coffee. Its like starbucks, one of every corner. But seriously, I had this Spinach, Feta Pasty thing and it was amazing. So amazing, that I went back to the next day and the day after that. But enough about Wayne and his awsome feta pasty

11. Stockholm is basically made up of islands that’s all
connected by bridges. Sounds beautiful right? It is! You can
walk/taxi/boat/metro from one to another.

12. Everyone speaks English. Although it is nice to pick up the important
words from the places I travel too, it does make my life so much easier when English
is spoken.

13. There is Wi-Fi everywhere. Although its 2017 and having no
data when travelling out of the UK is no more, it’s always nice when there’s Wi-Fi.

14. Did you know that Sweden has its own Royal family? Nope, me
neither and they do and the kind lives at the Royal Palace in Gamla Stan so be
sure to check it out!

15. The delicacy in Sweden for me is Meatballs (IKEA RULES!) so I
was so disappointed with the lack of meatballs. And I was also disappointed in
how expensive is it to eat. I am a growing women, and I need a lot of food.

16. If you like Amsterdam for its Bikes and lack of public
transport in the built up areas then you will love Stockholm. There are bikes everywhere,
cute ones with little baskets on to put your dogs in.

This is the second in the series of the ‘Things You Need to Know Before You go to’
Have you been to Stockholm? And is there anything you would of like to known before you went?


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