Beating the Winter Blues with Travel

I hate winter. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love the build up to Christmas when its starting to get a little cold and the excitement for all the alcohol that I’m going to drink over the Christmas/new year period is building. But I dislike getting to work when it’s pitch black and finishing when its pitch black.

Once it hits January 1st, it really affects my mental health. I seriously think I suffer with SAD and spend around 80% of my life on Skyscanner.

On a lighter note, this is why travel is great to beat the winter blues;

New Year

This one is simple. Start the year off as you mean to go on.

Tropical weather

The UK is RUBBISH weather wise, so get your asses on a plane and head to South East Asia, South America or Africa and get yourself the tan you deserve.

Embrace the cold

I know I just rammed down your throat that I hate the cold and the darkness that comes with winter but taking a trip such as Skiing & Snow boarding with all its beautiful scenery and snow that won’t piss you off when it melts and becomes ice. Also, hot tubs.

Easier to take annual leave.

In the summer time, everyone wants time off to catch the little bit of sun we have in the UK or if they have children will need to take time off during half term so getting time off in January/February will be a lot easier.


Many destinations will be full of tourists in the summer months which is peak time, so going to places such as Disneyland Paris & Berlin will be so much quieter because the weather is freezing.
This will be so much easier for photography purposes.


If you’re sad that christmas has come and gone then some cities in Europe will still have their markets still open, and the festive atmosphere still in full swing. Pass me the mulled wine.


Peak time has passed so flights and accommodation will be a lot cheaper in the months following new year. This would be a great time to visit a place you’ve always wanted to explore for a lot less.

Burn off that cheeseboard

If you’re anything like me then you would have eaten 4 cheese boards and may still have another in the fridge, an active holiday will help you burn off the holiday weight and you can still eat that cheeseboard and the 4 terry’s chocolate oranges you have in the cupboard and not feel bad.

Winter is a great time to travel with many destinations you’ve never thought of travelling too.
Are you going travelling this winter? if so, where to?



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