10 Things I Regret Not Seeing in Stockholm, Sweden

Does anyone else attend a new city and think you’ve ticked everything off the list and seen all that you wanted to see but then get home and see shit loads of photos of things you wish you had done? No, just me? Well here’s a list of things I want to do the next time I visit Stockholm.


This may seem like a weird things to want to visit but Skogskyrkogarden is a cemetery located in the south of Stockholm. The woodlands has 5 chapels and thousands of graves. It is a popular tourist/local destination for its beautiful gardens.


I can’t believe I went to Sweden and didn’t eat meatballs. Even though I did research whilst there for meatballs, it was all so expensive but I recently seen a post and Meatballs for the People was mentioned.

source: Givers Blog


You can take a walk on the rooftop of the old parliament building and get some spectacular views of the different islands within Stockholm including Gamla Stan (Old Town).

source: The Crowded Planet


Hellasgardens is an activity centre in Stockholm. Lake Kalltorp is situated in the activity centre which has 2 saunas (one for men and one for women) and you can also take a dip in the lake to cool off.

source: Hopeless Wanderer Web


Långholmen is one of the islands surrounding central Stockholm. This is the perfect place to visit on a summer’s day, and even take a swim. The island is also home to Malavarvet which is Stockholm’s oldest ship yard.


source: Ola Ericsson


The Stockholm ghost tour is a walking tour around the Old Town, Gamla Stan. You are guided around by a storyteller where you will find out about haunted hotels and medieval murders.

source: The Crowded Planet


Do you have a smart phone? Then you can control Stockholm’s Telefonplan tower. As you walk by you can change the colour of the tower to whichever colour you want.
source: Colour By Numbers


Kungstradgarden is a large park in the centre of Stockholm, which is home to hundreds of blossom trees. If you head there around April to June time, you will see them in full bloom. When I visited Stockholm, I visited Kungstradgarden when the trees weren’t in bloom and they still looked beautiful.
source: This Is Glamourous


Tyresta National Park is the closest national park to Stockholm, but Sweden has many others for you to explore. During your adventure, if you go at the right time of the year, you can also catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.
source: Adventure In You

#10 TUNNELBANA – The World’s
Longest Art Exhibition

90 out of 100 subway stations are decorated by over 150 different artists around Stockholm. The Subways include subways, paintings, mosaics, sculptures & installations.
source: The Crowded Planet
Have you done any of these things in Stockholm?
Do you have any regrets that you didn’t do?

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