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    Guide to Alternative Summer Festivals 2018

    I love a festival. Whether that be music, food or drink. I first went to a music fesival when I was quite young (legal to drink…I THINK) and I went to Reading Festival. It was back when the line-up didn’t get announced until the very moment the tickets got released and tickets were like gold dust. I didn’t shower for 4 days, did my business is a porta loo and drank until I was dehydrated and from there I caught the festival bug.

    Every year I say I’m going to attend all the festivals and have an amazing time and every year I only attend at least 1 place on my list.


    2018 is looking to be a busy couple of summer months with lots of things in the pipe line which is super exciting.





    26th – 28th May

    Slam Dunk is an alternative music festival that takes place over one weekend in 3 different locations. Tickets are as follows; 
    Festival Only = £49 (+ Booking Fee)
    Festival + Afterparty = £55 (+ Booking Fee)
    Megaticket (3 days + Afterparty) £170 (+ Booking Fee)
    Slam Dunk Tour (Megaticket + Travel + Accommodation) = £395 (+ Booking Fee)
    2018 will be my 4th year running but 5th overall. 3 years ago I attended the South date which is based in London.
    For the past 2 years I have attended the North date which is in Leeds. There is also a Midlands date which is in Birmingham. Leeds is an amazing city, if you haven’t visited then I would 100% recommend.


    8th – 10th June

    Download was the festival my mum used to attend ever year whilst growing up, and I only attended for the first time last year.
    If you like the heavier music, and some lovely sunshine then this festival is for you. Download is located in Donnington, which is in Berkshire, England in Donnington Park.
    Download offers a variety different tickets and packages;
    3 night standard camping ticket adult– £216 (including fee)
    3 night standard camping ticket child – £108 (including fee)
    Quiet camping is also available.
    5 night standard camping ticket adult – £226.89 (including fee)
    5 night standard camping ticket child- £113.40 (including fee)


    2000 TREES

    12th – 14th July

    2000 trees is a 10,000 cap music festival, based in the Coltswold Hills.
    Tickets are as follows;
    £60 for a day ticket – Thursday/Friday/Saturday
    £99 for a 2 day weekend ticket
    £115 for a 3 day weekend ticket
    VIP – £185 (3 days)

    I have never attended 2000 trees but the majority of my friends have, and have loved it. I’m not sure if it’s on my list to attend this year either as the urge to leave the country this year is massive.


    Food & Alcohol

    The UK is home to some of the world’s most famous food festivals, big and small.

    Gin festivals

    Gin Festivals is the largest gin festival in the UK and it’s great. Each city also have their own small gin festivals in bars so keep an eye out.
    VegFest is Europe’s biggest vegan festival which originated in Bristol but has now expanded to Brighton, London & Glasgow too.
    The Big Cheese Festival
    The Big Cheese Festival is situated in Caerphilly and has been running for 28 years. Free event and over 80,000 people are expected to attend this year.
    The festival where you can watch live music, see a hot dog eating contest happening and drinking some craft beer all at the same time. Grillstock is situated in Bristol and tickets are £53 for the weekend. Day tickets are also available.
    Are you going to any festivals this year?
    Which ones?
    (I need a new adventure)

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    A day at Dyffryn Gardens, Cardiff

    Although I have always have a serious urge to travel, these
    past few weeks I have been itching to get away and to also get some
    inspirations and content for you guys!

    So last Sunday (it was supposed to have been Saturday, but
    gin happened the night before) I went a on a solo mini adventure to Dyffryn
    a day at dyffryn gardens, cardiff wales

    Dyffryn Gardens are based on the outskirts of Cardiff which
    can be accessed by foot, car, bus and train.

    I got the X2 bus from Cardiff Wood Street which cost me £5.50
    for a day ticket. The bus took around 25/30 minutes to get to St Nicholas.

    From the bus stop in St Nicholas, the walk to the gardens is
    around 25/30 minutes.

    TIP: the walk to the gardens was all down country lanes with
    no actual foot paths, be careful!
    a day at dyffryn gardens, cardiff wales
    a day at dyffryn gardens, cardiff wales
    a day at dyffryn gardens, cardiff wales
    a day at dyffryn gardens, cardiff wales
    a day at dyffryn gardens, cardiff wales
    I was informed that the gardens are free of charge but you
    have to pay to get into the house, but this is not the case.

    ENTRY – £9.90

    I obviously had to grab a map because I like to collect mostly
    everything from my travels and to be fair if I didn’t have this map I probably
    would have gotten lost/not seen most of the gardens.
    a day at dyffryn gardens, cardiff wales

    a day at dyffryn gardens, cardiff wales
     Dyffryn Gardens consists of 9 different gardens and loads of
    other different areas and buildings for you to check out.

    TIP: Dyffryn Gardens will be at its prettiest in the
    spring/summer months when the flowers are in full bloom.

    The gardens also have a café and a gift shop. So if you need
    to sit down then it’s in the main house, you won’t miss it.

    I took a packed lunch with me, and I sat on the Great Lawn and
    ate it in the sun. For my first solo adventure, I thought I would start off
    small. I am planning on bigger trips potentially this year, but definitely next
    so watch this space.
    a day at dyffryn gardens, cardiff wales
    The National Trust have lots of locations around Cardiff
    & the South Wales area which are on my list for when the weather gets a
    little better here (if it ever does).

    Have you been to Dyffryn Gardens? What was your favourite part?

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    a day at dyffryn gardens, cardiff wales



    10 Things I Regret Not Seeing In Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is one of the most electric cities in the world, and although I have travelled to Holland twice in my life there are a few things that I didn’t do/see that Iregret.

    1# Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
    Hortus Botanicus is one of the oldest botanical gardens in existence today with a beautiful hexagonal pavilion.

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