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    Flower Power

    top – topshop
    jeans – topshop
    trainers – air max 1 spring 2010

    Work was such a drag today, we had no customers till gone 10, urgh! I really want to it to be summer now 🙁 but i got a feeling that its gone be the same as last year and have nothing at all!!

    Got some interest in doing a blog sale, so i will post some stuff up through the week so keep your eyes peeled. I have an engagement party tonight and i have no idea what to wear :(!!!! urghhh I’m also pale as balls!

    PS 100 follower giveaway tomorrow, yay!!!

    air max 1, AM1 air attack pack, casio, checked flannel shirt, jamie jeans, lookbook, topshop, what i wore today

    the money is the motive

    jumper: H&M
    shirt: topshop
    jeans: topshop
    watch: casio
    trainers: air max 1 air attack pack

    Finally have 2 days off work, been non stop flat out for ages and its taken its toll. Was in bed so early and had an amazing sleep!
    Today me and my brother went and did some christmas shopping as i had not got him anything yet. We went to our local outlet centre which is not that good but they have a Nike outlet which is normal full of amazing win, but today it was not 🙁 but i did manage to get some for my brother for christmas just one little thing i want to get him now!

    I did manage to get my secret santa gift though, in work we do one every year but it always goes tits up but i actually got someone i like this year and i know she loves thorntons chocolates but just plain chocolate, so i managed to pick up a lovely selection box with just plain chocolate and have it gift wrapped and then a block bar which you can have any name put on it, which all came to £5, amazing!