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    High Waisted

    crop top: motel
    jeans: beyond retro
    sneakers: vans
    bag: a bathing ape (bape) 

    So this was meant to be have been yesterdays post, but the day before didn’t schedule right so its todays!
    I got these jeans back last year when i went to london for a few days, been searching for so long for a pair of high waisted grain washed jeans for ages but they go for so much on eBay, and i found these in beyond retro warehouse in brick lane, and i couldn’t leave them there, also there top from motel was a steal. I wanted it for ages and when i finally decided to get it, it had sold out. I was in bristol one time, and browsing park street popped into motel and it was there for £9! I got so excited (sad haha)

    A Bathing Ape tote is what i got free with one of their magazines/lookbook i bought for my boyfriend. i say free i think i payed for it with the price of this magazine but anyhow i love it, i really wanted the stussy x bape but they were all fake which i really didn’t like so i settled for this, so great for my university work seeing as its my last year i would have loads (cough cough).