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    barry m – mushroom
    barry m – silver cascade (ring finger)

    All my nails have snapped (from work) and are so brittle. After i took this image i cut them all down to start again, and added some sally hansen maximum growth, so I’m hoping that they get better soon.

    Today i decided to use the barry m mushroom polish (which is nearly all gone) and then on my ring finger add some glitter. Perfect for work, as we are not support to wear nail polish but the manager lets us off along as we don’t wear horrific bright colours.
    barry m, models own, nail art

    Gold Digga

    Models Own – Gold Digger
    Barry M Nails Effects

    1. Sorry for the lack of blogging, but had a busy weekend with working and then ‘trying’ to get university work done. It seems that working and doing a full time university course is taking its toll on me.

    2. This weekend i have booked tickets for London, going up on the 15th to do a ‘spot’ of christmas shopping with my mumma, so I’m really looking forward to that and hopefully see an exhibition!

    barry m, models own, nail art, WAH nails


    Models Own: Top Turquoise
    Barry M: Berry
    WAH Nails x Models Own: Nail Art Pen

    1. I’m suppose to be doing university work, but i decided to paint my nail. When models own had their ‘50%’ offer when they had so many likes on their facebook page, i took full advantage and splurged on 10 nails polishes (some of them here). Today i decided to do the range of colours with a leopard print esk pattern! Got my inspiration from sweetmonday. Check her blog out!

    2. So because I have been feeling like shit/fed up for the past few days i decided to go shopping with my ma’ to make me feel better. Bought i few lovely things, including leather PU pants which i have been searching for a non expensive pair for ages and i did! i may do a post on them soon 🙂 I also bought some lovely jewelry! 

    3. Now to crack on with my university work, a lovely friday night in with sweets, chocolate and big  brother!