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    Sigma F80

    Sigma f-80 flat top kabuki – $16

    Ive been using MAC’s 187 brush for years to apply my foundation and it just wasn’t doing the job anymore, and from watching some beauty girls on youtube and browsing the blogasphere, noticed that everyone was hyping Sigma brushes, so i decided i really wanted the kabuki as the 187 just wasn’t dense enough. I know people said this brush had dense bristles but my gosh its DENSE! 

    Its great to buff the foundation into your skin for that perfect finish, i will definitely be repurchasing this brush when i feel like its time for a new one.

    The only thing i can’t comment on is if you loose any of the bristles when washing it as I haven’t washed it yet, hopefully its not as bad as the MAC 187 (that brush can moult)

    When it came it was worried that the design of the product didn’t look the same as the other f80 i have been looking at but i did some research and they have changed the design on their brushes (not sure if its all of them) and they now have the logo on the ferrule.
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    Brave is a satin finish lipstick, which MAC describes as pink-beige with white pearl. Its a lovely pinky nude for me and my nw20 complextion. Its actually the first satin finish that i owned and was a gift from my best friend for xmas! I find that it can be quite drying, so i apply a light lip balm first and then apply the lipstick which also makes it last longer, so i have gone out and blight some more satin finish shades (reviews soon).
    Would definitely say Brave is my go too shade for everyday.
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    Feel Unqiue

    Feel Unique January Box. If I’m honest i was not overly impressed, as a beauty i know loads of people love getting products that they know they won’t buy and like trying new things. But for me i like getting stuff that i know and like not sure why, i just do!
    The only product i will use are the salts, which I’m hopefully gonna try out tomorrow, even though I’m was disappointed i am still looking forward to Febs box.