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    Tartan Fever

    cami – topshop, skirt – topshop, boots – topshop, watch – michael kors
    Hello everyone!
    I wore this outfit last weekend, I went to see Paramore. This is the second time i’ve seen them live and they just blew me away. The first time I saw them was at Reading festival a few years ago so it was so good to see them play their new stuff and their best old ones!
    Now put your hands up if you’re a Topshop queen (guilty) haha. I have been a massive fan of midi skirts for a while now and I’m pretty sure i have every colour haha when i saw this tartan one for £22 (i think) i just couldn’t leave it there. I apologize in advance if you get sick of seeing everything tartan in the future. Sometimes items from Topshop have to be thrown away as they don’t wash well but I’ve wash this and it still perfect so just a heads up!
    I think everyone and their nan has one of these cami’s these days, but they are another item that I’m obsessed with and have in every colour haha even though they are very ‘fall/autumn’ wear I’ll definitely still be wearing them with layers 😀
    Hope you all had a good weekend!
    Amy xo
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    MRP Fashion

    Hello everyone!
    Today I came across this website called MRP. I’m going to be honest when the page loaded I thought not another one of those poor clothing websites, but I gave it a chance and had a look through. BUT boy was I wrong.
    Now think of primark, and now think of primark being an online store and not having to rummage and battle your way through the store, well here we have this!! Now don’t get me wrong that have some amazing stuff but they also have the not so nice stuff but hey! what website doesn’t?
    Tshirt dress £4.50 // Necklace £4.00 // Shoes £8.00
    Ive put together some outfit choices that are already in my basket ready for payday! haha Both outfits comes to £16.50 (accidental) Now for 2 outfits, in which you can mix and match is amazing! I really can’t wait for payday to hurry up so I can order some items! 😀
    Dress £6.50 // Shoes £9.00 // Lipgloss £1.00
    PS. They are running a competition at the moment where you can win a years supply of clothes!

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    Leopard Love

    dress – topshop
    socks – topshop
    boots – topshop
    So this week so far has been pretty boring, i’m currently led in bed watching Orange Is The New Black and scoffing my face with doughnuts. I am obsessed with this programme, if any one has netflix then you should deffo check it out. whitty funny and really sad at the same time!
    Anyway I feel like i’m a topshop fan girl haha. I am obsessed with dresses this summer which i feel like is going to carry on through autumn and winter! So simple and easy to just chuck on and add layers underneath and over the top! 
    I’m on the lookout for a new pair of boots, ones that will be suitable for the ice and snow, any website or suggestions please link me! 😀
    Amy xo