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    How I Style Dungarees – Autumn Edition.

    outfit 1: dungarees – vintage (camden market), shirt – topshop
    outfit 2: turtle neck – asos, fluffy cardigan – primark
    outfit 3: crop top – topshop, coat – topshop

    Hello everyone!

    I love the whole summer to autumn transition with pairing everything with tights, and adding extra small layers underneath to keep you warm. I am obsessed with winter.

    I didn’t take my dungarees off all summer and now I can pair them with layers upon layers. Here I am wearing 15D tights which is OK for the weather now but I have stocked up on the Super Cosys’ which are going to make an appearance soon.

    Crop tops are perfect to layer with. I put a little vest tank top underneath my polo neck crop top and stripe crop top so when the weather gets really cold your belly isn’t on show and you have an extra layer on your chest. Its a win win situation haha!
    I am obsessed with this fluffy cardigan I picked up in Primark a couple of weeks ago. It is such a bargain at Β£12 seeing as they have the exact same one in Topshop for triple the price! I love pairing it under my boyfriend blazer coat I got last year as it just makes it super cosy and cuddley!
    Sorry for being MIA this week, but I’ve been in bed with the worst cold and cough watching back to back How I Met Your Mother to cheer me up and just haven’t brought myself to take any pictures. But I’m back and I’m planning on what to dress up as and to go for Halloween! Super excited.
    Hope you all had a good weekend.
    Amy xo

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    Wasting words on lower cases and capitals

    shirt – monki, boots – topshop, necklace – h&m
    Hello Everyone!
    Who said you can’t wear florals in the winter? 
    I bought this shirt dress quite a while ago and it got shoved in the bottom of my wardrobe after I wore it once (like the majority of my clothes!)  it’s one of those pieces that you can just throw on and go and if you’re like me, a little bit lazy then it’s perfect! In the winter I can put a jumper over the top with some super cosey tights and socks and I’ll be good to go for the arctic weather!
    This week has gone super quick, and I haven’t managed to get anything done that I wanted to, apart from sleep haha! The fur has officially made an appearance, yesterday the weather had dramatically dropped and when I left for work and I had to run back in and grab it brrrrrrrr. But I’m extremely excited and ordered myself some new winter boots!! 
    Ps. I had to include the new addition, MINION!
    Amy xo
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    Beating Hearts Baby

    cami – topshop, shorts – urban outfitters, necklace – h&m

    Hello everyone!
    It was a busy hectic weekend, but Friday I did manage to pop out on Friday night.
    I went home for a few days last week and was rummaging through some winter stuff that I didn’t bring to the new place with me and I found these leather shorts. The tag was still on them as they were too small (didn’t try them on as per) and I was going to return them, thank god I didn’t as I’m never taking them off!!
    I got this necklace from h&m the other day on a whim. I was in a rush and couldn’t decide so I just went for this and I haven’t taken it off! Hope you guys had a good weekend, this week has flown by already and I’m super excited for the vintage fare in Cardiff this Sunday! πŸ˜€ 
    Amy xo
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    Boot Heaven – Ebay #1

    1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5
    Hey Everyone!
    If you have been reading for a while you should know that I am a massive fan of heeled boots and anything with a cut out!
    The other day I was searching eBay and I came across these boots (2) and I just couldn’t believe how they had ripped off 2 pairs of amaing boots from topshop and put the designs onto one boot (if that makes sense haha) 
    Then I came across so many Jeffery Campbell knocks off that don’t look cheap or tacky and look like the real ones! So I decided to share my favourite ones with you, also I think I might purchase the moc croc ones as they’re a little different to the ones I have already! 
    Hope you all had a good payday weekend. I’m in bed curing a hangover, waiting for my boyf to decide when he wants to go for a carvery!
    Amy xo