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    Food // Revolucion De Cuba, Cardiff

    now and then its nice to get out of the house and to have some good
    food instead of slaving in the kitchen and cooking something not so
    great (I cant don’t like to cook). Revolucion De Cuba
    is a Cuban and Rum bar that has been in Cardiff for a good few years.
    First time I went, I did not have a great experience because I came down
    with a bug the next day
    and just couldn’t tell if was from this place or just a general stomach
    bug. But having said that I have been back a few times since and I have
    had no problems.

    I used to work at a previous job this would be the place we came to all the time
    for a de stress as the cocktails here are amazing although they aren’t
    cheap but definitely worth the money and some days they even have 241.

    have updated their menu since I last ate at Revs De Cuba, so now you
    only have a small choice of what’s on offer, sometimes that’s a good
    thing for someone who cant decide like me. I had the Chimichanga
    which was basically a fried flour tortilla with peppers, chicken, pico
    de gallo and it came with 2 side dishes of sour cream and guacamole.
    This dish was unbelievably good and a lot nicer than when I was have
    been before. Although one bite half way through was so hot that it took
    my breath away. My boyfriend also ordered the Paella De Cuba., I cant
    really comment on how good this as I don’t eat fish but he said it was
    really, really good.
    The cocktail I had was called a Ruby Punch, it was glorious and as you can see it came in a really fancy elephant glass! The only reason I chose this cocktail was because all proceedings from the sales of these go to orphan elephants in Sri Lanka.
    If you’re around the Cardiff area and fancy some yummy food and great cocktails then I would definitely recommend.

    Ps. If you’re thinking about going later or in the afternoon/night then I would recommend booking a table.

    Amy xo

    Lifestyle // Things I Love About Autumn

    So autumn (or fall as I have been calling it lately) is approaching fast with the cold mornings and early dark evenings. I was sat there thinking why is this my favourite time of the year?

    So here goes…

    1. Big fluffy cosy dressing gowns that you can drown your sorrows in.
    2. HALLOWEEN. Everything to do with Halloween.
    3. Boots, Jumpers, Scarves, Hats and anything warm.
    4. Candles that smell like cake.
    5. Cold, dark, crisp mornings.
    6. Hot chocolates, with Baileys. Always Baileys.
    7. Crunchy leaves of all colours.
    8. Mulled anything.
    9. A big chunky winter coat.
    10. PUMPKINS.
    11. Not feeling guilty about not being outside.
    12. Markets.
    13. Hot chocolates, with Baileys. Always Baileys.
    14. Bedding, I have a very large collection of tartan bedding.

    Amy x


    Lifestyle // Heads Above The Waves

    Heads Above The Waves is a not-for-profit organisation that raises awareness of depression and self-harm in young people. We promote positive, creative ways of dealing with the bad days.

    Self-harm affects around 1 in 12 young people, yet it remains an issue people struggle to handle, talk about, and understand. Sometimes, helping can be as simple as having a conversation, but a study by YoungMinds found that 71% of young people, 70% of parents, and 60% of teachers say they don’t feel able to actually talk about self-harm.

    In the last 10 years, hospital admissions as a result of self-harm in the UK have risen by 68%, and this figure is predicted to keep rising. By getting people to talk more openly about self-harm (in the same way that we do drug use or unprotected sex) and making people aware of the help that exists, Heads Above The Waves hopes to reduce hospital admissions as a result of self-harm.

    Some good friends of mine run an organisation called Heads Above the Waves, that raises awareness of depression and self harm, and a few weeks ago they opened a pop up shop in Cardiff.

    Growing up, depression and self harm was never a thing teachers discussed and its something I have grown to understand with growing up as it was never talked about. 

    Today its still a touchy subject in the media and everywhere else.
    Growing up with anxiety, its very hard to explain what it was like other than the constant though of ‘whats wrong with me?’. For many years I just ignored how I felt, struggled in everyday life and just pretended that everything was ok. I never for a second wanted to discuss what was going on. As i got older, and I started watching an infamous Youtuber I finally realised what was wrong. Anxiety. It then become something that I was comfortable with and not something to be ashamed of, and that many people are going through the same thing as me.

    HATW run workshops in schools, from years 7-11 to create coping techniques and not self harm. The workshops last around 1 hour and a half. 90% students from Lewis Girls School, Ystrad Mynach said they felt better equipped for dealing with bad days after our workshops. All students used at least one of the coping techniques at home.

    So, a few weeks ago they opened a pop up store. The store sells merchandise, and it also has little quirky bits which makes this organisation so special. Theres a section at the back of the shop that has a a load of black vinyls and you can write your favourite lyrics/quotes on them. 

    If you live in the Cardiff area, or are visiting here then please pop and show some support.
    A xo