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    top – american apparel
    skirt – topshop
    sandals – primark
    belt – primark
    At the moment I’m obsessed with fake tan and getting my shoulders out haha!
    I think I over tanned and look ridiculously brown but ey oh! It’s wierd but I just feel so better with myself when I have a tan, I feel I can wear so much more things and not have to worry about looking pale (not that there’s anything wrong with that, I personally just prefer to look tanned)
    The top is actually a bodycon skirt from American apparel that I found at the bottom of my closet whilst I packing, I wa thinking of selling it but I was like eyyyyy hang on I could pull this off as a top haha!
    Today was a sad day though, I washed this skirt for the first time and the colour has completely turned a greeny/yellow it looks discusting and I’m not sure if I can return it to work as I got it on my staff card πŸ™ but we shall see tomorrow! I have my eye on something else so hopefully I can exchange πŸ˜€ back to work tomorrow after a lovely relaxing (lazy) day off, URGH.
    Amy xo
    instagram – amyclements 
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    jumper: primark
    shorts: vintage levis
    bag: topshop
    necklace: forever 21
    loafers: topshop

    Today i am actually doing nothing, i was going to go shopping as i got dressed and was ready to go but i decided that i really need to get my bedroom sorted as i still haven’t put up the stuff i bought from the ikea last week. So i gave my mum a call and she’s finishing early to come help me! pictures will be up soon. 

    I also had fantastic post today, 2 days ago so the 24th i ordered a new sigma brush and a new lipstick and they are here, talk about speedy delivery i was very pleased. Now i bought these off ebay. I never normally buy make up or anything like that but i really wanted the flat top kabuki f-80 and i can’t justify the delivery unless I’m buying a few off their website, but i will explain in full as there will be a review up in a few days, i got excited and used it this morning, also will be a review of the new revlon lipstick too!
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    Rainy Days

    shirt: primark
    leather jacket: topshop
    jeans: topshop
    bag: marc b
    ring: primark
    necklace: forever 21 
    trainers: nike vintage cortez

    So i have taken images this morning of the next few days outfits as I’m going to my boyfriends for the weekend! I’ve actually put my AA hoody on under my jacket as its raining in wales today and rather cold πŸ™ my vintage cortez are perfect for this weather even though i got them to exercise which i never actually do (surprise surprise) haha. they are so comfy and waterproof!
    this sheer shirt i got from primark ages ago but i don’t like the back and didn’t notice when i bought it, that its actually double the length at the back that what it is at the front which i hate so i just tuck it in, and off i go!