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    Jennifer Hope

    Jennifer Hope is an online boutique selling items from scarfs to leggings, with tshirts and crew necks in-between.

    The girl behind the company is Jennifer Hope Wheeler, a graduate from University of the West of England with a degree in fashion and textile design. Her designs were based on her surroundings of bristol. It started with the silk scarfs and then grew on to leggings. The choice of colour palette and designs of the prints are amazing

    Recently Jennifer Hope has become available on Asos Marketplace so pick up some pieces while you can, i definitely need a scarf! 

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    forever jewelery

    c/o cross necklace – £3.99*

    I was kindly sent some items from Forever Jewellery link here. They are a jewellery company based in the uk who specialise in making hand made jewellery. I was lucky enough to be sent the cross necklace and the ‘summer’ wrap bracelet. I was so happy when i opened my package, I’m obsessed with the whole ‘edgy’ cross phase atm and i didn’t actually own a necklace so that was a major plus and its a perfect size to wear with anything and it won’t be ott. 

    The wrap bracelet is made up of pastel colours thats huge right now for spring/summer with ice cream charms. The name is perfect for this bracelet! I’ve worn it with any outfit as i haven’t taken it off yet (expect to wash haha) 

    The only thing i didn’t like when i got these little gems is that the necklace was tangled when it has arrived, but thats due to the delivery and postmen clearly not caring whats in packages! With their highest piece at £8.99, its cheap with amazing quality.
    check them out here for their big cartel, and their twitter here, and check out Jess the girl behind the companies blog here

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    Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

    Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser £13.75

    About 2 weeks ago i took the plunge and went and bought the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. I had seen so many reviews and youtubers raving about it. After i bought it i could feel my skin breaking out so i didn’t use it till i could sense it was getting worse.
    I wanted to do a review on this when i had used the whole bottle but after about a week of using it my skin has cleared up so much,  i still have a few blemishes here and there but i can see them disappear each day. Rather than applying it when your skin is wet you apply it when you still have your make up on and moisturise it into your face and eyes and it lifts all the make up off your face. The muslin cloths do get a bit grubby and it does recommend that you wash it after you have used it 2/3 times, but because it bought the starter kit it came with 2 muslin cloths, i wash mine after every use so i definitely need to get more as you have to you cleanse your face 2 times a day. A good thing i noticed about it too, is that it doesn’t sting or irritate my eyes. I wear contact lenses and my eyes are so sensitive after i have taken them out that i can rarely take the make up off my eyes but i have no problem with this. It just leaves my skin feeling absolutely amazing, and so clean.
    ps. check out my giveaway here, it ends on saturday!