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    4 days in Scotland.

    Well this is depressing. It’s raining, 17 degrees, grey clouds with 70% humidity and I’m sat here writing about this beautiful place.

    Acharacle, Ardnamurchan is located on the western end of Loch Shiel. It’s surrounded by amazing picturesque scenery.

    We were invited to Scotland for a few days to stay with a friend and his family. The house they rented was amazing and about a 15 minute drive from civilisation and phone signal.

    Population of Acharacle = 300.

    After an 8 hour drive from Leeds to Scotland, the first day was pretty much wiped out, everyone decided to be adventurous and climb some mountains but we decided to chuck on our wetsuits and go for a swim. I wasn’t expecting the water to be warm but my gosh, seen as it is the Atlantic ocean I am glad I bought a wetsuit. A little bit of advice, save you’re wee and wear a life jacket. Read more

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