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Topshop vectra stud slippers

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    jumper: primark
    shorts: vintage levis
    bag: topshop
    necklace: forever 21
    loafers: topshop

    Today i am actually doing nothing, i was going to go shopping as i got dressed and was ready to go but i decided that i really need to get my bedroom sorted as i still haven’t put up the stuff i bought from the ikea last week. So i gave my mum a call and she’s finishing early to come help me! pictures will be up soon. 

    I also had fantastic post today, 2 days ago so the 24th i ordered a new sigma brush and a new lipstick and they are here, talk about speedy delivery i was very pleased. Now i bought these off ebay. I never normally buy make up or anything like that but i really wanted the flat top kabuki f-80 and i can’t justify the delivery unless I’m buying a few off their website, but i will explain in full as there will be a review up in a few days, i got excited and used it this morning, also will be a review of the new revlon lipstick too!
    levis, lookbook, topshop, topshop dalmatian, Topshop vectra stud slippers, vintage, what i wore today


    shirt: river island
    shorts: topshop
    jacket: topshop
    bracelet: topshop
    necklace: forever 21
    bag: topshop
    loafers: topshop

    This dalmatian bag, i bought for my mum as she really wanted it but decided not to get it, so i came home with a gift for her, its a perfect bag for an add of print to your outfit and even better for a night time bag, I’m pretty sure it came with a strap but i like holding a bag on my arm for some reason? :/ haha  Ive also had these shorts for years, they are a petite size 6 and was so shocked that they actually still fitted me!

    Just got back from swindon outlet village and stocked up on yankee candles, yay! Went to Ikea the other day and got some new shelfs and trainer storage (sign of too many? nah haha) so i can’t wait to get that up and sorted this week and get some candles burning. I also picked up the Kanye West Through The Wire illustrated book, which i have wanted for years. I couldn’t get hold of it back then but i finally found it in The Works for £1.99!!! the boyfriend picked one up too haha Also had a burger king, the cutting down on junk and fast food was going well, but i thought i would give myself a day off. 
    lookbook, skulls, topshop, Topshop vectra stud slippers, what i wore today

    Loft Music

    top: topshop
    leggings: american apparel
    jacket: can’t remember!
    shoes: topshop vectras’

    Sorry for the lack of outfits posts recently, just haven’t been able to get back in time before it gets dark and don’t have time in the mornings! But i have a few days off so I’m sure i will do one everyday.

    So my hand in was on monday and my assessment for it is on Monday coming up, nervous :/ and then i start my FMP on the 30th. My uni experience has gone so quick and I’m excited/nervous to what I’m going to do after i finish.

    Today, i went to pick up some parcels that i have missed and now I’m watching all the tv that i have recorded so my mum can stop moaning that we have no room to record anything else haha!