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    Travel // Moraira, Alicante.

    Moraira is a small coastal town in Spain. Just north of Alicante and south of Valencia and located about an hours drive to the closest airport which is Alicante airport.

    Moriara remains one of the most unspoiled resorts on the Costa Blanca region, it has 8km of beautiful coast line backed by mountains and vine yards. And believe me the views were to die for.
    Moraira was originally a fishing village, and still now holds the most popular fishing market in the Costa Blanca region. Moraira is also famous for the growing of muscatal grapes for wine making.

     During my stay, we found loads of little places that served the most amazing tapas and cocktails, and to the play snooker all night long. we are wild.
    Having wandered around the town, taking in the culture and exploring different shops I noticed that it was the perfect place to enjoy the boiling sun but you also get the sea breeze to keep you cool.
     I have to mention the drive from Moraira to Alcalai along the shore line which had the most amazing sea views, then going into the Valley and being surrounded by mountains and vine yards. Alcali is a Valencian municipality of Marina Alta, province of Alicante.
    We took a stroll through the narrow cobbled streets and sat outside a pub full of locals and soaked in the atmosphere and the sun, of course. I cant remember the name of the place we went to but it’s directly opposite the beautiful church.
     Another place I have to mention is Calpe. Calpe is a coastal town located in the Comarca of Marina Alta which is about a 30 minute drive from Moraira. The first day I got to Moraira I noticed this rock mountain in the far distance, so we decided to walk it. Its called Penan De Ifach. It’s a 332 meter high rock and its a destined national park in its own rights and has a special protection, so no development can ever take place.
    It’s an amazing landmark and its home to numerous rare local plant life, 300 different animals and a yearly nest for sea birds. There are designated pathways with ropes on some parts to help you but I would highly recommend this and if you like to know about the history of the rock then there is a museum half way up (same building as the toilets).
    went to Alicante in the middle of Spring, so the weather was nice but
    it wasnt busy. Its such a beautiful place so I can imagine its gets
    really busy in the summer months.
    All in all, should you chose to go to Alicante or the surrounding areas, its definitely a spot to go if you are after a more quiet holiday (although Benidorm is just down the road). There were many rental villas/apartments all around with your own pools/balcony for the amazing views.
    Let me know if you have been to Alicante.
    Thank you so much for reading!
    AMY xx


    4 days in Amsterdam

    One of the main things that made me fall in love with this city was the street art. For many years I have followed an artist called Fafi on Social Media, but I have never actually seen any of her work in real life which was one of the highlights.

    Another one of the tourist attractions is the Sex Museum, located around a 2 minute walk from Amsterdam Central. For 4 euros your visit is short but sweet. You are in there for around 15/20 minutes depending how involved you get when visiting museums. If you are someone that isn’t a prude and doesn’t get embarrassed by looking at pictures of things that you can only imagine surrounded by random people then this is the place for you, plus I’m a sucker for some neon lights.

    Then comes the Red Light District. You never know what to expect in these kind of situations but we were casually walking around walking through canal to canal and all of a sudden you’re in the middle of the Red Light District and it just hits you. This weird feeling that I never felt before and not because its seedy or uncomfortable but because its something that you never have experienced before and it truly fascinated me, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Yeah, it‘s a bit weird when you see men bargaining prices with these women but I must say fair play to them.

    Walking around at night and taking in all the beautiful architecture and walking over the bridges over the canals is just amazing. Although Amsterdam reminded me of London because of its quirky architecture and fashionistas, it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to and I am planning going back there sometime this year as there are so many more places, art, markets I would like to visit.

    Must See Sights
    1. Amsterdam Museum – ā‚¬12.50
    If you like infographics, painting my talented artists, and looking at graffiti then this place is for you.

    2. Red Light District – free
    If you’re not a prude and fancy seeing some boobies and pretty ladies then this is the place for you.

    3.  I Amsterdam letters – free
    Yeah, its a massive tourist attraction but in front of the letters there is a beautiful ice rink (go in the night, seriously pretty) and there is also a large green area (only beneficial in the summer months)

    4. Boekenmarkt Op Het Spui – free
    This is a book marker that we stumbled on. It was so lovely, lots of different stalls filled to the brim with all different kinds of books. They also sold prints of everything Amsterdam, also different prints of famous artists work. Make sure to check out the stalls outside Waterstones, where i saw the most beautiful flowes

    Must Visit Coffee Shops
    1. BasJoe – Kloveniersburgwal 62, 1012 CX
    If you are in to that ‘thing’ and you like hip hop music then this is the place to be. This coffee shop was the first place we visited after taking our luggage to the accommodation. It was super chill, and the music was great.

    2. Prix D’ami – Haringpakkerssteeg 3, 1012 BV Amsterdam, Netherlands
    So imagine going to a nightclub, lets say Oceana where you have different floors and different rooms well Prix D’Ami is like that but its super chill with really comfy seats and big pillows and some TV screens. That’s right, a club with comfy sofas and large pillows, heaven.