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    disco pants – american apparel, shirt – topshop

    So it’s Easter weekend and today the sun is shining (hope I don’t jinx it)! I feel like ass today, my head is pounding and I have so much housework to do I could cry! But I’m gonna put it off and take a nice stroll down to the bay in the sun with Laura and grab some food!
    My mum brought down my Easter gifts yesterday, bless her she goes all out! So I got a little spoilt even though it’s my birthday in a few weeks!
    This photo was taken in h&m yesterday as I did another naughty shop, and bought things that I really don’t need and will probably return! I haven’t worn my disco pants in a while so and I never take this shirt off lately, it’s so cold and the only non shirt shirt that I have!
    Tonight, it’s one of my best friends birthday, so we are all heading to revs and I still don’t have a clue what I’m wearing, it i haven’t even tanned, what’s wrong with me?! I’m getting so lazy!
    Hope you’ve had a great Easter.
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    no love lost

    top – topshop, jeans – american apparel

    So I have been home for a few days, i forgot how crap my signal is up there! It was so nice to be back home properly since I moved out and spend time with all the family as I didn’t really have a Christmas with them! It would of been my gramps 67 birthday yesterday so all the family came around had food and loads of cakes and we set of lanterns in the night after we finally got the hang of it as the first one went under a car whilst still burning, so quite dangerous haha
    Now I’m back in cardiff, the sun is out but it’s still colder than it was all winter! I want it to be summer already so I can chill in roath park and get some sort of a tan!
    This top I got as part of my uniform, it’s part of a 2 piece and I bought the skirt too! Not work them together yet as I’m waiting for it to get a bit warmer which I don’t think it’s gonna happen! Brrrrrrr
    I hope you guys had a lovely cold weekend if you’re over in the UK!

    week #9

    1 – finally watched the perks of being a wallflower, i loved the book so much after i book it on my kindle i even went out and bought the hardback copy, but i must admit i did understand a lot of the information better within the film.
    2 – Cardiff city were playing Bristol in football, so many hooligans on my way to work.
    3 – valentines day waiting for the boyfriend to get back from work.
    4 – it was a 501 kinda day, and i bought a new necklace.
    5 – got given some love hearts, which definitely made my crappy day.
    6 – payday, which means a payday meal deal. currently obsessed with the sweet chilly sunbites, NOM.
    7 – another payday photos, was naughty and bought lots of goodies. perks of the job.