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    Like never before

    top – urban outfitters, jeans – topshop, watch – micheal kors

    I haven’t worn this top in ages, as living in what feels like the Antarctic it’s impossible to not wear a knit jumper without going blue from the cold! But after the snow the weather has gotten a little warmer!

    Today I have a day off, chilling with the boy and doing a food shop is all I have planned! Thinking I’m gonna have my hair cut/coloured but not what I want, hmm!
    Have a great day! Xo

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    I Miss You

    jacket – urban outfitters
    tshirt – topshop
    leather pants – new look
    trainers – vans authentic

    Now i have this is practically the same outfit as my loss post but this is all i have been wearing lately! the camo doesn’t come off haha! I wore this to see Blink 182 the other night. I bought tickets for my mum for christmas in 2010, and the gig got cancelled and only now was the tour rescheduled but it was good! Even thought I’ve finished uni i seem to be more busy than i was these days hense why i don’t have time to take photos anymore and my house is like a bomb site πŸ™ haha and i have to say i do like the shortlisted for the company blog awards is pretty good!

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    jacket – urban outfitters
    jeans – topshop
    top – asos
    shoes – air force 1
    So this is basically what I’m going to be wearing all through summer it looks like πŸ™ the weather sucks, totally need to get away from this place! (negi) 
    I was so excited to wear my new shoe purchase that i wore them in the rain and thats not like me haha but i have wanted white on white air force 1s for ages, and seen as i have teeny tiny feet i can fit into kids but i just didn’t have the money but last week i took a trip to my local outlet centre and i found them there for Β£16.50, BARGAIN and yes my feet have shrunk these are a 2.5 πŸ™ haha!
    All i have been wearing lately is my camo, i bought it 2 years ago to take to reading festival and its had a battering every since!
    So i have a kindle and seen as i have finished education for good i thought i would have no social life and just read books. I finished 50 shades a while ago as i had to read them for my job, and everyday i get customers asking for advise on what to get, situations and what not i feel like I’m an expert! haha What are you guys doing in this wonderful weather?! πŸ˜€