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    I Miss You

    jacket – urban outfitters
    tshirt – topshop
    leather pants – new look
    trainers – vans authentic

    Now i have this is practically the same outfit as my loss post but this is all i have been wearing lately! the camo doesn’t come off haha! I wore this to see Blink 182 the other night. I bought tickets for my mum for christmas in 2010, and the gig got cancelled and only now was the tour rescheduled but it was good! Even thought I’ve finished uni i seem to be more busy than i was these days hense why i don’t have time to take photos anymore and my house is like a bomb site πŸ™ haha and i have to say i do like the shortlisted for the company blog awards is pretty good!

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    hoody – american apparel
    tshirt – topshop
    leggings – H&M
    trainers – vans

    Again apologies for the poor lighting, they are still doing my roof and the scaffolding is right outside my door! πŸ™ Didn’t really do much today, day off and still i get a phonecall from work to come in and cover someones shift, arch but i said no. Felt like having a chill/scruffy day today as I’m shattered.

    My topshop order got delivered today, yay! got some new lipsticks (which I’m wearing) and a new blusher! I finally got the ones i wanted on my sunday wish list, and I’m obsessed. The lipstick I’m wearing here is called ‘hazard’, its a deep purple/red which is perfect for this weather.
    cable knit jumper, chain scarf, lookbook, vans, vans authentic, vintage, what i wore today

    Cable Knit

    fur coat – charity shop
    cable knit jumper – topshop
    scarf – COW 
    trainers – vans

    First of all i am going to apologise for the lighting, we are having out roof done and theres scaffolding right outside my door so I’m sad to say outfit posts for the next few days will have poor lighting πŸ™

    A quick outfit post today, went to my local shops to pick up my new contacts, been putting it off for about a month and its just too expensive but i got them, can finally see clearly haha and i wanted to pick up a new duvet cover but there wasn’t any i liked, seen a lovely one on ebay though so i may order that later! It was -4 when i left today so i threw on so many layers (i have 2 vests on under my jumper), definitely need to prepare for week all this weekend. working in retail where the doors are open all the time sucks!